What We Do

1. We help pastors, pastor wives, staff, and churches become strong, healthy, and grow.

2. We want you to come visit us and we want to come visit you. Together, we can provide visit summaries to ultimately help promote church growth.

3. We provide online teachings that focus on REM.

4. We host a yearly retreat for all our churches to gather to celebrate, worship, and fellowship.

5. We offer specialized coaching for Senior Pastors, Worship Pastors, Evangelists, Student Pastors, and Church Planters.

6. We have started Practical Theological Seminary to train leaders in a two-year program. It is a seminary education for everyone. All classes can be taken in-person or online. More info at PracticalTheologicalSeminary.com.

7. We have a home at the Sea of Galilee in Israel for Lead Pastors and their families. We encourage them to stay and study in the Holy Land.

What It Looks Like

Once you decide your church is a good fit for REM, let us know by filling out the online application.

Next steps include, becoming a subscriber to our monthly newsletter and getting added to our private REM Churches Facebook Group. We will reach out to you after your application is received to answer any questions you may have, and get you access to everything you need.

We want you to come visit us in Granbury, Texas, and we want to come visit you, your staff, and your church leaders. Talk with us and lets schedule a time for these in-person visits. The goal is to get an overall picture of the vision God has for you, and to learn the areas we can best help. We’ve learned that the best way we can help one another is by trusting each other and sharing what we are going through. It also never hurts to ask questions–don’t be afraid to ask!

You will gain full access to all of our online teachings from our staff. We will work with our REM Pastors and other ministry leaders to produce practical resources that will help you grow every part of your church.

Your network of ministry leaders will grow as you become friends with other pastors from around the country who are part of our REM Family. We provide online forums for our pastors and leaders to interact with our teaching resources. We encourage you to share your latest happenings, give and receive feedback from events/ministries, learn from successes/failures of others, and be encouraged to continue to fulfill the calling that God has given you.

We are also here for you to ask specific questions and receive advice from our REM Church staff. We are available during any crisis or emergency that our pastors and churches may experience, and we will walk you through any urgent issue that may arise. Give us a call anytime 254-592-4425.

We encourage your pastors to join our coaching cohorts. We offer coaching for Senior Pastors, Worship Pastors, Student Pastors, Evangelists, and Church Planters. Each coach will set their yearly schedule to gather together two to three times. Participants will make their payment directly to their coach before they meet, and they will be responsible to make travel arrangements.

Your Part

To be a part of our REM Family of Churches, we are asking you to make a commitment to reach more people for Jesus, equip more people in your church, and multiply more of your ministries and start more churches. We are asking you to grow. If you have no desire to grow, you should not consider becoming a REM Church.

We are not asking you to change anything in your church to join our REM Family. Your church ministries can remain the same. We simply want to help your ministries be more effective and fruitful.

We are also not asking your church to leave a denomination or network you are currently involved in. You can be a part of both.

Along the way, you may need to make changes to grow. We will leave that up to you and your leaders. We teach principles and share strategies. You will need to prayerfully adapt these teachings to your own given context of your church and community.