Some of our churches have a problem. The problem is that their church is FULL. New people want to come, but there isn’t any room for them. Maybe it’s a full auditorium where most of the seats are filled. Maybe it’s a packed parking lot with no spaces for more cars. There may be a lot of reasons, but what’s the solution?

It costs a lot of money to build a new building. An affordable way to make room for new people is to add a new service. Listen to this two-part video series where Joey walks us through the vision, leadership, and game plan for adding another service.

Video: Adding Another Service Part One

Video: Adding Another Service Part Two

Are you interested in adding another service?

We would LOVE to help you as you work on your game plan to add another service. Reach out and let us know. We’re here for you and would love to share any resources and ideas that can help your church grow.