We are creating a family of churches that work together to build up the Kingdom of God.

  • REM stands for Reach, Equip, and Multiply. Our vision is to help churches in America reach more people for Christ, equip the people they have, and to work together to plant more churches.

  • REM is for local pastors who desire to build relationships with other pastors both regionally and nationally. We realize that pastors can feel isolated and alone; we want to help you form community within our REM family.

  • We want to know you, your staff and leaders, and your family. Being a pastor can be hard on your families, and we acknowledge that. REM wants you and your wife to be healthy. We have found that healthy things grow. In order for your church to grow, you and your wife need to be healthy, and REM provides a safe place for you and your wife to share your experiences and struggles.

  • If you don’t want your church to grow, then REM is not for you.

  • REM Family of Churches is open to all denominations. We do not want to change the vision God has for you and your church. Instead, we want to come alongside you to help you fulfill your God-given vision. We all have experiences and ideas that have worked or failed, and together, we can learn and help one another.

All Across the U.S.

We have expanded our REM Family of Churches into the following states, and look forward to reaching more and more pastors across the United States.

Members of REM Family of Churches